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My top two reasons: Blue Screen of Death and peripheral driver problems. Until Snow Leopard, I have not had a single issue. I had heard of issues with Snow Leopard, hence my delay in getting on board early until forced.

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I know it's long, but short compared to the time I have already spent on this. I want stability and compatibility - we're batting about 0. Thanks to anyone who made it this far, just for reading, and I hope someone can help-. DewGuy macrumors Jan 25, 3, 6. Does it show up in Image Capture? Scalfani macrumors member.

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Aug 2, 67 0. I had the same problem. Deleting the canon software and then reinstalling the driver and software from the canon site worked for me on The buttons no longer work on the scanner, but manually opening the canon software works to scan. Image Capture, Software Wow - thanks for the rapid replies! It does show up in Image Capture. I clicked on it it, there was a brief moment where the scanner bar moved false hope , and then it gives me the same, "Failed to open a session on the device" that I get under System Preferences when I attempt to open the scanner it shows up there, too.

I've looked around for some time and only see the frustrating FAQ answer thanking me for my thin patience while they update their software. Am I missing something? I'm not so egotistical as to rule it out. I don't think I have any other Canon software to delete using a Spotlight search. The program also recognizes the presence of my scanner. When I click on "Scan" with the "Use the scanner driver" box unchecked, I get the rainbow ball for a minute and am then notified that it can't communicate with the scanner. Again - thanks for the replies and suggestions.

Thus far, no joy. I clicked the link to the site - it's the same one I've been trying. Under "Drivers" it has the following message: No drivers are available for this selection. This operating system may not require a driver or, in the case of older operating systems, may no longer be supported. Where did you copy the information about the drivers in your post from? Sorry if I seem thick-headed, I generally consider myself more savvy. I looked at scanners on the Apple store web site if I do decide to get a new one, which would be a complete waste.

It looks like a select few have been able to get it to work, but not most. Again, if Apple is going to list it in their store, it should be readily supported.

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I blame both companies. Any further thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Lordedmond macrumors regular. Oct 24, 0 Tilchestune UK. The lide works flawlessly here with a iMac and MBP under SL fully up to date, with the Canon drivers buttons work fine and the in built drivers from Apple it will install automatically.

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Jul 4, 21, Pathguy said:. Got the drivers, but Thanks to everyone for the support and feedback. I found the drivers right where DewGuy and BlueVelvet said they should be I'm starting to doubt my competence, now, since it seems so obvious. I installed the driver newer one, icaosxs.

Oct 9, 1 0. I downloaded and installed the updated driver from Canon's site, but it still doesn't work. Investigating a bit further, I found a post on Apple's site, and was reminded that it was the workaround that fixed a similar problem when I first bought the scanner!. Here are the instructions that helped me out the last time: The only problem is that the driver has a bug The driver looks for certain files with extension ". DAT", and it you have case-sensitive file system it will say that "Cannot write or read file".

This solved the problem on a Mac OS X I really hope that someone form Canon will read this and include this fix in the next driver version..

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Needless to say, the same instructions don't cut it any more. Just for experimentation's sake, I created the symlinks for the files that are in that directory - with the new driver, the file names are different - but it had no effect. A case-sensitive file system is far from an aberration. Canon should be more on the ball. I don't believe that by default OS X uses a case sensitive file system. I still can't scan The case sensitive driver issue is intriguing, but doesn't seem to work. Download the scanner driver supporting Mac OS X v However, the scanner driver supporting Mac OS X v We can probably sell the F on CraigsList for the price of the Epson and so break even, money-wise.

But because of the new SIP System Integrity Protection it will probably be impossible to install it in the same folder as it used to be in on your old Mac. Most of the time the older versions of the CanoScan software still run. If I can and if it works, I will report back.

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What I tried failed. Here is what I did. I then launched Image Capture, but it came up blank. Tried it, but that did not help. To wit: Brother Scanner. App, IJScanner 4. App, IJScanner 6. I then launched Image Capture again, but it came up blank, and in the Image Capture menubar, Reset Twain was no longer offered as a choice. Happy to try any other suggestions you might have and thank you again for all the assistance and suggestions you have so far provided.

That might be an important step as you are trying to install something that has to work inside the macOS System.

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Tried again; failed again. Followed your instructions for turning off SIP. Opened Image Capture: no device was available. Turned SIP back on. Opened Image Capture: again, no device was available. Does it appear I have followed your directions correctly? Do you have any other suggestions? Vuescan is flawless. I have a canoscanf scanner and am running a Mac Pro with high Sierra. But then nothing either from vuescan or from photoshop. Thanks for the feedback!

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