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You'll see download links for MacOS. If you are using Node. When the file finishes downloading, locate it in Finder and double-click on it. Go through the entire installation process. Enter node - v in the Terminal to verify that Node. Chris Minnick.

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How to Install Node.js on a Mac

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Web Application Server Training. Need JavaScript Training? This guide covers installing Node. OS X These are the versions that are consistently tested and supported by the Node. As our first step, we need to actually get the official installer for Node. To do so, we can head over to the Node. You can get the macOS installer by clicking the Macintosh Installer option - this will download the.

Make sure you save it somewhere that you'll be able to access it! Now that you've got the installer downloaded, you'll need to run it. The installer is a pretty typical interface - it won't take long to get through it under a minute , even though there are a few parts to it.

4 ways to update to the latest version on a Mac

You can get through it by following the guide below:. To verify that Node. If Node. The npm releases aren't synced with Node. Because of this, there's almost always a newer version of npm than the one that is installed by default with a given version of Node. Thankfully, we've got your back. We've got a ton of articles on getting started with Node.

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