Connect htc windows phone to mac

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If your phone can be detected by the software, you can directly skip to the next step. Once the USB debugging is enabled, move back to your phone screen to tap the "Allow" option. Then, the parameter information of your phone, including phone model, system version and storage space size will be shown in the main interface like below. Go to the top menu to see all the files included in your phone are categorized in different icons, including Photo, Video, Music, Book, Contact, App, etc.

Part 1. One Click to Transfer HTC to Mac

Press each icon and you will enter the corresponding window to see the contained files in details in the right-side window. Mark the files you want to transfer to your computer and click the button of "Export".

Or, you can click "Import" button to copy files from computer to your HTC phone. No matter you want to copy things from phone to computer, or from computer to phone, the whole process can be done in seconds by using this powerful Android managing software. You will be surprised at the quick and easy operations performed by it. Just click the below download button to have a free try!

How to Transfer Files From an HTC Radar to a Mac

Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer. Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team.

No file chosen Max size:5MB; Type:zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, gif, png. When it's plugged in, I don't get the shade to appear letting me know it's plugged in as an MTP device - it defaults automatically to just charging.

How to connect your HTC Windows Mobile Phone to your Bluetooth enabled Computer

Anything anyone can tell me to fix this error so I can attach crash logs to my bugs to make my developers lives a little easier? I suggest you consult the official Developers guide regarding connecting a phone to Android Studio Developers Guide. In case it doesn't solve your problems, you may want to check that your USB port is currently accepting your device: in my computer, if I connect my phone to the USB 3.

How to Transfer Files from HTC to Mac (HTC 10, HTC 11 included)

Finally, you may want to check that the phone drivers are correctly installed: I don't own a HTC phone, but it may require a special procedure to install its own drivers. Listen now. Learn more. Asked 4 years ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 3k times.

Machavity JMalone29 JMalone29 1 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Simple question, but you've gone in and tapped 'about phone' to unlock developer tools, and turned on USB debugging?

How to Sync your HTC Windows phone to your PC via bluetooth « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Just making sure it's not something too simple. While on Windows you have to fuss with manufacturer-specific device drivers, on OS X and Linux, often times it "just works" if USB debugging is enabled. You should get a Toast a popup bubble telling you that you are now a developer, and a "Developer Tools" section should now appear back in the main Settings screen.