Convertire file pdf in doc con mac

You can also open your PDF file with Word or , which converts it to editable text that you can then copy and paste into your Word document.

Convert Any File to a PDF on Mac

You can choose to have it displayed as an icon instead of the file preview. Either way, you can open the file when you select the icon or preview. Any changes you make to the original PDF file will be reflected in the Word document.

Click Display as Icon if you want the file inserted as an icon instead of a preview first page. This is a simpler method to inserting text from the PDF file into your Word document. You can import a PDF to Word and bypass all of the other steps mentioned above if you have the full version of Adobe. The program has a built-in converter you can use to import your PDF file and convert it into Word.

The converted document is of a higher quality and has better formatting than the usual PDF to Word conversion from Word and The downside with this method is the price of Adobe Acrobat, which may not be suitable for every user. This tagging can be done automatically when you save a file as PDF format. On the File menu, click Save As.

The Ultimate Guide to Converting PDF to Word on Mac (5 Methods)

Or, you can also save a file by clicking the Save icon in the ribbon. Give the PDF a different name than the original document.

That way, you'll have two files: a Word document you can continue to edit and a PDF file you can share. If you don't change the name, your document will be converted to a PDF and you won't be able to change it back without using specialized software or a third-party add-in.

You can send a PDF copy of your document directly from Word. Word will create a PDF file and attach it to a new email message. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.

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Save or convert to PDF or XPS

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