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Neutral A: The one two punch! Jabs repeatedly after the initial punches. Down Throw: Slams opponent against floor causing them to bounce slightly upwards. Little Mac's signature move, an explosive uppercut that will one hit knock out most characters at very low percentages.

The move is unavailable until the KO meter has been charged found on your characters picture. Once charged a flashing KO will appear that both you and your opponent are able to see. This is a significantly powerful move that can turn the tide of a match, although be very wary as its small hitbox makes it easy to whiff and the end lag is substantial. This is a very potent move for mindgames as just the fact that you have it causes opponents to play differently and sometimes you may not even want to use it, but you can psyche out your opponent with it.

After a short duration the KO runs out. Press b to use. Mac is an extemely ground based char, despite what others may say, his air game is genuinely atrocious for what it is. This means a lot of your Mac game will be edgeguarding and big plays while grounded. Dash attacks are your friend and Side B'ing off stage is best avoided. Mac's Up B is NOT a recovery and usually will not save you unless you are next to the wall of the stage, to recover try to Side B back to the stage. Positioning is very important on Mac and is the only thing that may make him somewhat mechanically difficult to new player, it is much more important to develop your gamesense when playing Mac.

Tactics and Combos. When free falling back to earth try to counter Down B when the enemy is about to unleash a charged smash. Side B does deceptive damage and can be used to close the gap between you and an opponent. Try to combo a dash attack into an Up Smash. If you can position yourself underneath them an Up B will launch them very close if not into the blast zone. However, be wary of those who know the ancient arts of air dodging as this can be baited. Stick to the ground, an airborne Mac is a dead Mac. Experienced players will take advantage of this and keep you offstage. Down B is a very effective way to guard the ledge as they will still be hit if they roll behind you.

Neutral B can be used to close gaps and bait moves out. It also does a fair amount of damage if you can land it. Would not prioritise this however. An Up Throw into a Up B can be very effective for ending games. Try to stay in the middle of the stage unless edge guarding.

A Guide To Playing (And Beating) Smash Bros.' Little Mac

Nair has a killer combo that you really need to see to understand. It's like reverse juggling! However, very difficult to utilise in a match. Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it helped, if it didn't let me know in the comments what I could add or clarify for you. As a Little Mac main, some of this makes me a bit uncomfortable. First, Little Mac isn't necessarily the best beginner character, because of his lack of an air game. However, he cultivates your ability to be patient and react quickly.

This tier list should give you an idea of how every fighter is valued in the current competitive scene and how some are stronger than others. As the level of play increases, the more knowledge you have, the better you will do. The placement of fighters in their respected tier list is random and not ranked by best to worse.

The fighters are ranked by tier alone. As a result, the tier list remains static the majority of the time. We tried to balance the list as fairly as possible and are aware not everyone will agree, so we ask that you look at the list with an open mind. The sentences for each character represent a broad analysis of why they are in their spot but miss out a ton of vital information that would be best saved for future character guides.

She is a combo-heavy character that relies on chaining her moves into each other for high-percentage damage. If chained correctly, you can easily make an enemy fighter go from zero percent to death. She has great zoning control, and her recovery is near-perfect and one of the best in the game. Cloud is the legendary swordsman from the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy series of games by Square Enix and is one of seven DLC characters.

He has great mobility and great range throughout his moveset, meaning he can fight from a safe distance without putting too much pressure on himself. Like Bayonetta, Diddy has great combos that flow well together with surprisingly long reach and low knockback. Diddy has great mobility and good stage control due to his Banana Peel and Peanut Popgun. Sheik has a lot of tools that can fit a situation, from zoning foes with her standard B or chaining together a strong combo that can KO an opponent. Sonic is one of six third-party characters hailing from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise by Sega.

Sonic is fast, which grants him excellent mobility. His KO potential, however, is high-risk, high-reward due to the high frequency of lag.

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Sonic does have a strong neutral game and usually comes out on top in the right hands. Rosalina is a strong defensive fighter who uses her partner, Luma, to tank hits and take status effects as well as create devastating combos. Without Luma, Rosalina suffers. She becomes unprotected for a short duration 13 seconds until another spawns and is less capable of dealing with incoming threats.

Fox joins the battle from his eponymous interstellar game series and brings his trusty blaster with him. Fox is a mainstay of Smash Bros. Quick mobility, fast projectile damage, and his reflector shield to deteriorate camping all come together to create a safe, versatile fighter to play. He is limited by his fast falling speed and is one of the easiest fighters to KO.

" A REAL MAN ! " : An SSB4 Little Mac combo video , by Akhous

His moveset is also extremely predictable. His moveset is very versatile and projects projectiles and reflection-based moves all in one, but struggles against other fighters with longer-range moves like Cloud. ZSS is a dominant aerial based fighter and is essentially a juggler. She is one of the best fighters for punishing an opponent for a misplay due to her mobility and a paralyzing ability in her kit.

Her grabs are poor even though they have good range and are extremely slow, making her open to be punished if she fails to connect. Mewtwo has some of the fastest dash mechanics and speed in the game.

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He is most potent in aerial combat, with his long range aiding the effectiveness of his moveset. His special moves are powerful and risky at the same time. He still suffers from vulnerability to combos and juggles from his Smash Bros. Melee days due to his size. He also has poor survivability.

Mega Man Super Smash Bros. 4 moves, tips and combos

His control-input from the Street Fighter series crosses over into Smash Bros. He is unpredictable to play against and is difficult to punish. The Hero-King of the Fire Emblem series adds to the large pool of sword fighters in the game. Marth players will want to play around the tip of his sword during attacks, which rewards the most damage and knockback to an opponent.

This strength, however, also has a large weakness in the up-close game when he has taken high amounts of damage that could be costly. With five double jumps at his disposal, the fighter has quick recovery, as well as a strong combo game which can result in a quick KO. His build has been toned down from Brawl in an effort to make him less powerful. Arguably the best zoning character in the game, Villager is able to outcamp his opponents with his slingshot and rocket attacks.

But Villager lacks clear KO options despite his powerful attacks and is one of the slowest characters in the game, limiting his ability. Players should try to capitalize on this and keep the character as damaged as possible. Obviously this has its problems. The more damaged you are, the bigger the risk you have of being knocked off the stages by a KO.

Brawl, the individual character win ratios lined up nicely in a staircase format, but [for Super Smash Bros.